I like doing my own gardening and DIY projects. It’s my bit of territory over which I rule and take great pride in what I achieve on it. That said, it is now Winter. This mean cold and wet weather, though funnily not so much windy weather. In Gordon’s Bay it’s the Summer and Spring that brings the major winds. And it is dark. Very, very dark. I leave in the morning in the dark, and come back home in the dark.

Not exactly fun times.

So as you can imagine, my desire for tackling any outside projects is virtually zero, and of course, this includes looking after my garden. In other words, I finally caved in and allowed Chantelle to call in the garden services.

The guys we called in are a small company that services a number of lawns in the Country Mews compound on a bi-weekly basis. Monty initially made contact with them, I suppose in what he deemed a helpful manner based on how long my grass was getting, during one of his days joining Cheryl in looking after Jessica.

From that contact we were told that it would only cost us R30 to cut and trim our lawn, which of course is ridiculously low and a bargain that anyone in their right mind would snap up. However, it was of course too good to be true, and when they did finally show up to cut the lawn for the first time, the owner indicated that the guy who was covering for him on that particular day gave us the wrong information and it is actually R60 per session. Oh well, it is still cold, wet and miserable outside, meaning I’m still not going to do it, and so we went ahead with the service anyway.

And begrudgingly, I have to say I’m impressed. They did a fantastic job, the lawn is looking great, all neat and trimmed, and best of all, I didn’t have to get up and do it in the dark. Or wet. Or cold.