Seeing as it is now Winter which of course equals lower temperatures, we decided to install a comfy wall panel heater in Jessica’s room in order to ensure she remains toasty all Winter round. Now if you’ve ever done any research into heating solutions, you will know that wall panel heaters are pretty power efficient and completely safe to be around, making it a natural choice for children’s rooms.

As it turned out, Ryan had actually removed a wall panel from his house and given it to us, meaning the only thing I needed to do was drill some holes and install it. Of course, I’m kind of surprised I still have any wall left considering all the drilling I’m doing out and about our home, and after a few hiccups, one phone call to dad, and an accidental secondary hole which first need to be filled with Polyfilla before I could continue, Jessica’s warm and cosy panel heater was mounted up on the wall and ready to spread some warmth.

And while it doesn’t exactly heat up a room like a conventional heater does, it certainly does enough to raise the temperature to a very comfortable level, indicated by the fact that little dribble monster no longer wakes up with ice blocks instead of hands! :)

So thank you Boet, you saved us a nice little wad of cash with your gift and more importantly, aided in the well-being of little Jessica in the process!

(Saving me from a lot of embarrasment more often than not)