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The enigmatic Crim follows no man but himself. One of the older players of the game, he helped found the Scarlet Knights with Subaru. He recently returned from a long absence from the game, eager to relieve his stress and hone his fighting skills. He fights for what is just and right, and is always there to help Subaru in her times of need. An old fashioned gentleman, Crim can’t help but come involved in Tsukasa’s plight.



Tsukasa is the name of a sorceror player character stuck in ‘The World’. He/she is unable to log out of the game and return to the real world. worse than that, the memory of the real world has faded, and Tsukasa cannot remember much about his real life. Solitary by nature, Tsukasa is uneasy around other people. If an uncomfortable situation arises, he will simply teleport away instead of confront it.



The swordswoman Mimiru is the first character Tsukasa meets when waking up in his amnesiac state. Mimiru is a cheerful girl who enjoys the game tremendously, and enjoys getting involved with it and the people playing it. She tries her best to befriend Tsukasa and help him escape the nightmare ‘The World’ has become for him.



The warrior Bear is one of the older players in ‘The World’. He comes across as knowledgeable and trustworthy. Most of the newbies in the game come to him for advice and training. He takes particular care of Mimiru and after meeting Tsukasa, strives to solve Tsukasa’s dilemma at all costs.



The young girl called Subaru is the head of the Legion of Scarlet Knights, tasked with ensuring that justice is upheld in ‘The World’. However, Subaru is slowly getting disillusioned with her organisation that seems to be forgetting that they too are merely players of the game and not some sort of all-powerful police force. She meets Tsukasa and instantly becomes attracted to him. She struggles in her forced dual role of stopping Tsukasa as the head of the Scarlet Knights or helping Tsukasa as a friend.



The sorceress BT plays the game for her own amusement. All her actions are focussed on forwarding her own ideals. She’s enigmatic in that no one ever knows whose side she is on. The one moment she’ll be helping Tsukasa, the next she’ll be helping the other side. Tsukasa’s dilemma doesn’t interest or concern her as much as the prospect of laying her hands on the legendary “Key of the Twilight” does.



Kinkan is one of the high commanders in the Scarlet Knights. Personally appointed by Subaru, Kinkan stands for all the knights hold dear. Honour, power and justice. He truly believes in what he does, and strives to make ‘The World’ a better place for all. He sees Tsukasa as an anomaly in the game, the product of code tampering. He believes Tsukasa should be captured and then banished from the game. He is also the first player to fall to Tsukasa’s appointed Guardian.



Sora is a wild card in ‘The World’. Aligned to no side in the game, Sora fights for himself. He enjoys causing mischief and killing off other players. He is a fighting force to be reckoned with, very quick and very deadly with his twin retractable blades. He is constantly looking to obtain more power, and will stop at nothing to obtain it.


Dark Queen Helba

An expert hacker, Helba is little more than a myth to most of the game players. However, Helba is very real, and his/her skills will have to be called upon if Tsukasa wishes to unravel the secret enshrouding ‘The World’.



This strange monster by all rights should not exist inside ‘The World’. Yet it does, and whenever Tsukasa is in danger, it will materialise out of thin air and attack his foes.



A20 is a newbie in ‘The World’ and decides to tag along with Mimiru to gain some experience. Not a very good game player, A20 really struggles in her quests.



The mysterious mute cat PC always appears before Tsukasa to either lead him on or confuse him some more. The cat appears to have no motives other than to aid the voice leading Tsukasa on. The cat PC doesn’t appear to be a regular human player.

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