06 The City of Intrigue

Van, Hitomi and Allen make it safely to the capital of Asturia, Palas. There they are greeted by the lovely princess Millerna. Allen’s men take care of the Crusade and the guymelef units while Allen, Hitomi, Van, Merle and Millerna head back towards the palace.

But even as Allen gives his report to King Aston, Zaibach’s moves become apparent. They have already reached the king. And in order to maintain the peace treaty between Zaibach and Asturia, King Aston demands the handing over of Van and the Escaflowne to Folken.

Meanwhile, Hitomi and the other cruise the local bazaar. But in the distance, Van spots his brother Folken and gives chase. He simply can’t understand why his brother has joined with this war-mongering nation. But as Folken explains, the Fanelia Folken died when he lost his arm to a dragon. The Folken of now joins Zaibach in its holy war to end all wars.

But even as Folken tries to bring Van over to his side, Diladau has other ideas. Spotting Van from afar, Diladau decides to unleash a long range attack. Powering his energist to the max, he launches the Claws of Chleama with deadly effect.

Meanwhile, King Aston also has plans for Van. And for his guymelef, Escaflowne.

07 Unexpected Partings

Van and the Escaflowne manage to defeat the three hired melefs, much to King Aston and tradesman Meiden’s admiration. It seems that Escaflowne is a gem after all, and will surely fetch a good price.

At the palace, Princess Millerna continues to try and catch Allen’s eye. She’s infatuated with him, but through her father’s arranged betrothal, she is already engaged to Meiden’s older son. Her sister, Princess Eries pleads with Allen to stop leading Millerna on. He cannot replace Marlene with Millerna no matter how much he tries.

But whose side is King Aston and Meiden really on? It appears as if they might be playing both sides of the field. On Meiden’s orders, Hitomi is kidnapped by three Geckos. And although Allen is busy, Van is on hand to attempt the rescue.

But moving out in the open destroy’s Escaflowne’s cover, leading the murderous Diladau right to it. Zaibach have uncovered their dragon.

08 The Day the Angel Flew

Hitomi and Van were able to escape Diladau’s clutches, thanks to Allen’s interference. But the cost of this was the imprisonment of Allen. Princess Millerna can’t understand why, but once she figures out why her father is allowing Zaibach to move its troops through Asturia she knows she has to do something. She has to free Allen and allow him to warn the country of Freid before it is too late.

Following one of Hitomi’s readings, Van, Merle and Hitomi head off aboard the Escaflowne dragon. Their journey leads them over a dragons’ gravesite, currently being mined by Zaibach. Dragons contain the power source known as Dragu-Energists, the power stones used to power guymelefs and flying ships. Whomever holds the most energist will win a war.

Van makes up his mind. He can’t allow Zaibach to do as it pleases. He will destroy the energist depot at all costs.

But then where does Hitomi’s vision of falling and being rescued by an angel fall in?

09 Memories of a Feather

Thanks Van’s wings, Hitomi’s life was saved and they managed to escape. But these wings of an angel carry a sad story. The dragon gods. People said to have descended from the days of Atlantis. The Dragon God people are said to be cursed, having been blamed for the downfall of Atlantis. They are marked by the wings that carry them.

Van’s father, Lord Gouu was on a raid when he met the beautiful Varie in the middle of a lake. Falling for her, Gouu took her back to Fanellia as his wife. Already having Folken as a son, Varie bore him a second son, Van.

The people of Fanellia couldn’t condone the marriage, saying that the curse would strike it down. And it seemed as if they could have been right. Lord Gouu passed away while Van was still young, and his mother, Varie, disappeared into the Dragon Forest never to be seen again.

The feathers tell a sad story and Van has been forced to hide them all his life. But to Hitomi they are the most beautiful things in the world.

Van and Hitomi shift their focus to the Duchy of Fried. Convinced he can find aid there, Van continues his journey. However, Diladau is still on his trail. The invisible Alceides units are a force to be reckoned with. But in his greatest time of need, Van can always count on his allies, like the Crusade and Allen to come to his rescue. But everything has a price as he is soon to find out.

10 The Prince with Blue Eyes

The operation on the injured Allen appears to have been a success. The Crusade aboard the Cargo ship has also successfully made it to Godasim, capital of the Duchy of Freid. There Princess Aston Sarah Millerna of Asturia and King Van Fanel of Fanelia receive a warm welcome.

But it is actually Allen Schezar that interests the prince regent the most. Prince Sid has heard so much of Allen from his deceased mother, Millerna’s eldest sister, Princess Marlene and as such has developed a bond with this legendary knight.

When Allen comes to, the first thing he does is warn Prince Sid of the impending Zaibach invasion. With the Alceides guymelef pilot as prisoner, Allen has the proof to back up his claim. The Duchy of Freid possess a man known as Plactu who specialises in hypnotic suggestions. He is to be charged in extracting the information from the prisoner.

Unfortunately, Folken already knows of this and has a plan in place. A deceptant known as Zongi. With his deadly and mysterious power, Allen’s story might not be so believable after all.