01 And So They Met

Its her first day of work, and Tsujimoto Natsumi is already late. And sitting stuck behind a railway crossing is definitely not helping things. But taking that reckless shortcut on her little scooter might not have been the best idea either. Bokuto Precinct’s officer Kobayakawa Miyuki is soon hot on this miscreant’s tail.

A high-speed chase gets underway, with Natsumi unable to shake this determined officer. In fact, the only way this chase can end is with the untimely intervention of a little kitten.

But then things become a little strange. It seems that Miyuki has been expecting Natsumi to show up. After all, she is joining Bokuto Precinct today isn’t she? Together with officers Nakajima Ken and Nikaidoo Yoriko, Miyuki welcomes Natsumi to the force.

But another surprise lies in store for these two cops. The captain is assigning partners – and he has chosen Natsumi to partner Miyuki.

And although this partnership might not have started off on the most stable of footings, it is soon put to the test as a mysterious red mini shows up to cause havok in Tokyo. If Natsumi and Miyuki don’t get their act together, there is no telling what this “Fox” might do!

02 Tokyo Typhoon Rally

Tokyo is in for another storm. Typhoon 32 has moved in, promising some of the worst weather seen in a long long time. But the coming storm has more implications for Ken Nakajima than just bad weather. Everytime a typhoon shows up, a mysterious yellow Lancer Delta comes out to play. Fitted for rallying, this maniac drives hard. Ignoring traffic laws, the reckless driver becomes more brash with every outing. The last time Ken had a run in with the mysterious rider things didn’t go so well. Because a bike is no match for a rally car in those conditions, Ken came off second best. But this time he is ready for the challenge.

The storm also brings a few problems with it for Miyuki and Natsumi as well. Some schoolkids are looking after the local cat, Chibi, who certainly isn’t looking very well. It turns out she’s pregnant. Problem is, it doesn’t look like this pregnancy is going to be a easy one.

The storm arrives and hits hard. With the power to Tokyo cut, all traffic signals are cut. The perfect scenario for the Lancer. Already having caused one major accident, there is no holding back the Lancer. Battling the elements, Ken must try to stop this maniac before it is too late. And Miyuki and Natsumi need to get to a vet before it is too late. All in all, this is going to be one action-packed evening!

03 Love’s Highway Stars

Miyuki has an engagement this weekend. And because Yoriko knows nothing about it, the gossip queen soon has a lot to say. Yoriko and Natsumi are convinced that this weekend Miyuki is going out on a dating service. And that means that Ken’s window of opportunity might be shut. It is up to these two girls and the rest of the Bokuto Precinct to ensure this relationship blooms – whether Ken and Miyuki like it or not.

However, as Miyuki takes her leave to attend her high school reunion, Natsumi tries to cheer the dejected Ken up. unfortunately, her directions aren’t as good as they should be. And then there is the problem of the wimpy Ken. He just isn’t man enough to ask Miyuki out.

But help is on hand for these two inknowing lovers. Even the Chief wants to get things moving – and Bokuto Precinct stands ready to foot the bill.

04 On the Road Again

Its been awhile since Miyuki and Natsumi joined forces as partners at Bokuto Traffic Police Precinct. Over time, their frienship has strengthened – as has their teamwork. But all that is about to change.

After waiting for the opportunity for such a long time, Natsumi finally gets the job offer she has always wanted – a chance to join the bike troopers. The only snag is… she’ll be transferred away from the precinct.

Its a difficult choice, but as Ken says, it is an opportunity of a life time. Something like this only comes along once. So now the question is… just how will these two friends cope with this newfound separation?