01 Fateful Confession

Kanzaki Hitomi is a sprinter, and today is her school’s time trials to select the runners for the up-and-coming prefecture track meet. She arrives just in time to watch the boy she likes participate. Amano Susumu is a skilled runner, breaking the 11 second barrier for the 100 meter sprint. However, when it’s finally her turn to run, Hitomi experiences something strange. As she races down the track, a vision of a boy holding a sword appears before her. As she collides with him, she finds herself staring at a war-torn plain, towered over by huge mecha. As she falls again, a winged figure reaches out and grabs her hand.

When she comes too, she finds herself staring into Susumu’s face. She fainted, and is recovering in the infirmary. Susumu notices the pendant around Hitomi’s neck, and asks her about it. The pendant was a gift from her late grandmother, and has a rather special property. If you swing it like a pendulum, it manages to accurately keep time.

Uchida Yukari, Hitomi’s long time friend, lets her in on something. She overheard Amano talking about leaving Japan. If Hitomi wants to say something to Susumu, it will have to be tonight.

Hitomi plucks up the courage and asks Susumu to accompany her to the track that evening. She asks him a favour. If she can break the 13 second barrier on the track, she would ask that he take her first kiss. From a distance, Yukari watches, cheering her friend on. But as Hitomi begins her run, a blinding flash of light appears. The boy from her vision materializes right before her.

But before her questions can be answered, he is joined by a great Earth dragon. As the dragon rears to attack, the mysterious youth leaps in to thwart it. Hitomi, Yukari and Susumu take off, running for their lives. However the dragon gives chase, the mysterious youth not far behind.

When the battle is finally over, a brilliant light bathes the boy and Hitomi. As she opens her eyes she finds herself staring at an unfamiliar sight. The planet Earth and the moon.

02 Girl from the Phantom Moon

Hitomi finds herself on the strange world of Gaea. Staring down at her from the night sky is the Earth, or as the inhabitants of this world call it, the Illusionary Moon. Her companion, Van Fanel appears to be the crown prince of the kingdom of Fanelia. On their arrival into the city, Van is greeted by a cheering throng of people. Four samurai approach him, requesting the outcome of his mission. Van holds out the jewel he took from the Earth dragon’s body and displays it to everyone. He successfully captured a Dragu-Energist crystal. The samurai verify this and Van is accepted back into the palace.

However, not everyone takes a liking to Hitomi. The catgirl Merle is the first to make her feelings known. She approaches Hitomi, warning her to stay away from Van at all costs. She even goes so far as to steal Hitomi’s pendent, something Hitomi won’t let her get away with. As they scamper across the hallways, Hitomi is distracted by the sight of Van training. Going up against one of the samurai leaders, Vargas, Van attempts to hone his fighting skills. Everything is being prepared, for tomorrow is the day of his coronation. Even Fanelia’s giant mecha, the Melef, are readied to provide the honour guard for this occasion.

However, as the ceremony gets under way, Fanelia comes under a devastating attack. Guymelef units, incorporating sophisticated cloaking devices, lay siege to the city, causing its inhabitants to flee towards the mountains. Fanelia puts up a brave defence, but it proves to be not enough. On Vargas’ request, Van makes his way together with Hitomi towards the hidden shrine. There Van lifts out his Dragu-Energist and commands the Escaflowne unit to arise.

But as tall and mighty as the Escaflowne stands, will it be enough against the onslaught of the Guymelef units?

03 The Gallant Swordsman

When Hitomi comes to, she finds herself alone in a dark forest. Scared, she worries what to do or where to go next. However, her gleaming pendent doesn’t show her the way, rather it attracts unwanted attention. Luckily for her, the handsome knight of Asturia, Allen Schezar, is on hand to help her out.

Van on the other hand isn’t so ready to just accept the knight of Asturia. Drawing his sword, he charges at Alan headfirst. However, his skill is not enough to defeat the gleaming knight.

Allen returns to his fort, offering the two food and shelter. Having nowhere else to go, Van and Hitomi accept his gracious offer. However, what Van really wants is the opportunity to return to Fanelia as soon as possible. So when he finds out that Allen did indeed recover the Escaflowne, a quick escape plan is called for.

As Fanelia slowly burns to the ground, the flying fortress of the Zalback Empire continues its dark journey. Lord of the Empire, Dornkirk is not pleased. Their actions have still not assured the release of the power of the lost continent Atlantis. He turns to his trusted generals, Folken and Dildandau to ensure that this happens. The enigmatic dragon he senses must be found and destroyed.

And so the flying fortress slowly changes course – directly towards the Escaflowne.

04 The Diabolical Adonis

Hitomi collapses after experiencing the vision of Allen’s fort in flames. She saw the same Alceides units that destroyed Fanelia, destroy the fort. She tries to warn everyone, but her warnings fall on deaf ears. Thinking her sick, Allen helps her to bed.

A rider approaches the fort, dragging a suspicious character along. When Van sees who the captured character is, he rushes to her side. Merle managed to escape the burning Fanelia and finally track her beloved master to this place. Bruised, battered, but alive.

But Allen can’t help but feel uneasy at Hitomi’s warning. Whilst the two women lie in recovery, Allen strengthens up the fort’s defenses. But when the hidden Alceides units under Diladau attack, even his guymelef unit, the Schezarde, isn’t enough to stop the slaughter.

Van scrambles aboard the Escaflowne to help, but the power of the Alceides units using the Stealth Manteau technology is just too great. Eventually the fort is completely breached and lies in flames.

The only option left to the survivors is to escape – aboard their wondrous flying ship: The Crusade.

05 The Seal of the Brothers

Van and the dragon-shaped Escaflowne do their best to lead the Zaibach forces away from the Crusade. Diladau swallows the bait and sets off in pursuit. But unfortunately for Van, Zaibach’s Alceides units truly are superior – and they quickly overwhelm the helpless Escaflowne.

Meanwhile, back aboard the Crusade, the shaken survivors can only watch as Van is taken aboard the Zaibach floating fortress. Allen wants to do something – and Hitomi wants to help. But first she has to prove to Allen that her psychic abilities are indeed real and that she can be of aid to the knight of Asturia.

Folken and Diladau laud over their prize. With the capture of Escaflowne, they have carried out Dornkirk’s will and have perhaps saved their future. But Folken carries a secret that not even Diladau is aware of. He is Van’s brother.

But they have no time to relax. With Hitomi’s help, Allen soon launches his counter offensive. With only seven warriors, he plans to board the flying fortress – and save the Escaflowne!