Hey, another milestone reached, little Jess Jess has now started daycare! (So no more working from home, trips through from Bellvile for Ouma, or off to Aunty Ingrid any more).

Admittedly, we were a little worried that she might give Rochelle from Baby Steps a little trouble with her penchant for fighting her sleep, but by all accounts she was an absolute star on the first day, slotting right in and capturing the hearts of all the daycare staff on duty, right off the bat! She even surprised Mommy and Daddy by reportedly quite happily eating her lunch while seated in her Bumbo chair, something she has historically not been all that happy with.

Of course it was tough for Mom to drop her daughter off with strangers for the very first time, but she managed to do it without losing her composure or tearing back inside, grabbing Jessica and then running off with her, so I’m proud of my Chantelle for that. :)

And yes, now that Jessica is away at Baby Steps from 07:30 to 17:30 it is most definitely going to make our lives that much easier in getting everything that needs to be done, done, and hopefully Jessie with enjoy the experience too, now that she gets around the clock stimulation and interaction with the other babies and toddlers who inhabit Baby Steps.

In other good news, her latest visit to the paediatrician (boy are they EXPENSIVE!) went off swimmingly well, with Dr. White confirming that she is still in excellent health and developing nicely, currently more or less at the point she would have been had she been born in January. So, pretty chuffed about that. She’s the right weight, responds correctly to all the various stimuli, is constantly attempting to talk, and in general is just a very happy baby.

Also, her hair is steadily losing its redness and has instead switched over to more of a dark blonde, though she still has her beautiful, piercing blue eyes. He also confirmed that she has inherited her mom’s so-called “geographical tongue”, though not that this seems to have dulled her enjoyment of food in any visible form – she’s like a mini food processor I tell you! :)

And yes, just in case you were wondering, she is STILL the world’s cutest baby girl! :P