So the 1st of the month has rolled buy and yet another round of Eskom’s outrageous price hikes has kicked in, and I thought I would give you a nice little example of how this big percentage price increase actually kicks you in the balls.

On the 26 June 2011, I bought 186 units for R150. For some or other reason, we burned through those pretty quickly and I needed to buy again, so on the 03 July 2011, I paid in another R200… and received a measly 163 units!

That’s right, for a whole R50 more I received 23 units less!

And of course they decide to do this in the middle of winter, a time when it is common knowledge that a household’s energy consumption is higher than normal!

It’s shameful really.

Sigh, and I really don’t have any other lamps I can replace to those stupid looking energy saver ones…

(Oh, and on that note I’ve found a new website to purchase my electricity through, following PayCity’s disastrous attempts at trying to implement the 3D Secure technology for my credit card. I got tired of phoning up the bank every time the thing failed and have now moved on to PowerTime which so far is treating me pretty well…)