Ha ha, that little smiley rascal of mine went and played a nasty little trick on Daddy the other night.

Come evening I collected my soft and cuddly bundle of joy up from the activity mat, took her into her room and deposited her squarely on top the changing sponge (which is on top of the compactum) in order to prepare her for her (almost) nightly bath.

I carefully removed all of her clothes, tickled her tummy, played with her nose, and then gave her the ever popular Mr Springy Bee to play with as I proceeded to get the bath water and towel ready for splash time.

Finally, I removed her nappy and proceeded to dispose of it in the bin. However, as I turned around from throwing the stinky offender away, there was the little naked Jessica lying on her back, huge smile on her face and a miniature fountain spewing up into the air, as the pee pooled around her and quickly trickled down the drawers of the compactum, pausing for just long enough to enter each and every drawer and wet at least one item.

All while she had the biggest smile you have ever seen on her face.

She does this on purpose you know, I’m sure of it!