11 Prophecy of Death

Allen, Van, Hitomi and the others are imprisoned by the Freid monks. Zongi, still in the guise of Plactu, wishes to learn more about this mysterious girl capable of seeing the invisible guymelefs. So he arranges an interogation session. She falls under his hypnosis fine enough, but when his and her hands meet around the pendant, things go a little awry. Hitomi envisions his past and his future – and it contains death.

But as the traumatic vision fades, it becomes apparent that Hitomi’s vision had more immediate effects as well. Hitomi collapses, her heart stopped from beating.

Can Prince Sid find it within himself to trust Allen enough to free them to try and prove their innocence. Van must try to stop Zongi from revealing Hitomi’s secrets to Zaibach. But fighting against invisible guymelefs is not that easy – unless you have been taught to envision things in your mind.

12 The Secret Door

Ruler of the Duchy of Freid, Duke Freid has arrived in the capital of Godasim. He is aware of the invasion plans of Zaibach and has come to prepare a defence. However, is there reason for him to accept the aid of the traitor Allen Schezar?

As Van and Allen prepare for war, Hitomi is plagued by her vision of Zongi’s death. On Gaea, many of her visions are coming true – and they are becoming more frightening with each vision. She cannot bring herself to use her gift any longer if all they bring her are pain. Van won’t be able to rely on her in the upcoming battle.

Meanwhile, Princess Millerna has found the diary of her deceased sister, Princess Marlene. It has some shocking revelations about her and Allen. And also about Prince Sid’s birthright.

The time for Zaibach’s invasion to begin has come. All four Zaibach’s armies have gathered under General Adelphos for the assualt. The Bronze Army. The Steel Army. The Platinum Army. The Dragon Slayers. All in all, their forces number 55 000 troops and 10 000 guymelef units.

And then there is Hitomi. After hearing of the girl from the Phantom Moon, Lord Dornkirk has begun to take special interest in her.

13 Red Destiny

Godasim falls quickly as Boris and the Freid warriors sacrifice themselves for Freid and their Duke. Meanwhile, Duke Freid, Allen, Van and the others head off towards the temple of Fortuna – and the legendary treasure of Freid.

Under the temple of Fortuna lies the ancient secrets of Atlantis, as well as the key to their power. This is what Dornkirk is after for his Destiny Predictor. Along with the Zengu clan who have been born for this day, Duke Mahamad Nal Freid will die to protect the sealing sword, key to the power of Atlantis.

Allen and Van fight alongside him, against overwhelming odds. But can they truly change the future that Hitomi has envisioned?

14 Dangerous Wounds

The others can only stare as blood slowly drips out of Escaflowne’s control room. It seems that the contract of blood has taken effect. Any pain that Van feels is felt by Escaflowne – and any damage inflicted on Escaflowne is shown on Van.

With Escaflowne as badly damaged as it is after the battle at Fortuna, Van is on the verge of death. Millerna’s skill can’t heal these wounds. They come from the inside.

Fortunately, an Asturian Trade fleet is approaching. Even better, the owner of the fleet is none other than Meiden’s son. Dryden. Millerna’s fiancé. He takes an immediate interest in the Ispano guymelef. He knows the answer to saving Van. And also the people to contact. But all help comes at a price.

Meanwhile, after securing the power site of Atlantis for Lord Dornkirk, Diladau continues his mission to slay the Escaflowne dragon. But the Dragon Slayers are not prepared for what they are about to face next.

15 Lost Paradise

The blackened Escaflowne lies in the earth. Hitomi panics and tries to save Van before the darkness engulfs him. But as she reaches for him, her life too leaves her body.

The ghosts of the men that he has killed haunts him. He is scared and lost in this dream-like world. Hitomi finds herself in a land of ghosts. She must try to find and save him before it is too late.

Meanwhile, Dryden works on trying to solve the mysteries surrounding the Escaflowne and Van. The result? Mystic Valley should be the place where all the answers can be found.

Millerna, Hitomi and Merle try to solve their opinions about the men aboard the ship. After accidentally confessing to Allen, Hitomi isn’t sure of her position with Van any more.

But Van has more pressing problems to deal with. Like the two female cat guymelef pilots that Folken has ordered to capture him.