Navel Gazing Jessica 12 JUL 2011

And just as we were told, as little Jessica gets older her bulbous umbilical hernia is indeed getting smaller and retracting with each and every passing day – in other words, Daddy’s favorite belly doorbell is no more.

As it was a couple of months ago...

In fact, it no longer inflates when she is upset and is now resembles more of a grape left out in the sun for too long (in other words, a raisin), and is quite frankly, no longer quite as enjoyable to play with. Sure I can still flick it back and forth at a hilariously fast rate, but I can now no longer cry out “ding dong” while giving it a good couple of presses.

And this saddens me.

...compared to what it looks like now!

Oh well, back on the track for later becoming a world renowned, very rich international swimwear model, who will happily take her folks along with her as she travels the world – though of course, this might hinge on the fact that she never bothers to ever read this post when she finally gains the ability to read! Thus, I shall teach her poorly methinks! ;)

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