Final FIFA Foursome My Life 14 JUL 2011

So Monday night was our last ever XBOX FIFA Foursome including Mr. Brown, who leaves us in under two weeks’ time. Of course, this meant we had to make it a good one, which of course translates into loads of popcorn and some FIFA of course.

After a KFC for supper treat courtesy of Ryan, we arrived back at his pad just in time for the arrival of Mr. Brown and then eventually Dr. Storbeck as we sat down and got to the all important business of discussing Mr. Brown’s upcoming Japanese adventure and setting up the controllers. Oh, and then booting up FIFA as well.

To shake things up a bit, we reversed the team-up order and I started the evening partnered up with Karl, where we did fairly well in grabbing two draws (one of which we made the boys play catch up to us in!). However, we did also suffer a slapper of a loss – let us just say that by half time the boys were SERIOUSLY considering applying the mercy rule to us!

After a break for some Coke and popcorn, it was back to the lounge where Terrance and I took on Ryan and Karl, who for a change promised Karl right up front that this time around he wouldn’t shout at him too much – and bar only once, he did indeed keep that promise! (That said, it didn’t go well for them, with Ryan only being able to secure a single draw combined with his two losses in their three game outing).

More popcorn and Coke was to follow, before the final team-up got underway, with the smoking hot Terrance continuing his brilliant run which saw Karl and himself take two wins off Ryan and myself – as well as draw in another!

(Of course, my inexcusable open net tap-in misses – twice I might add – didn’t help our cause one bit, and did lead to Ryan becoming SOMEWHAT aggravated with me! :P)

So an epic last hurrah evening for Mr. Brown, who took overall honours with 5 wins, 4 draws and no losses for the night, and who was easily the most talented player on the evening with some simply sublime goals and pretty fancy footwork tricks!

Karl and I limped in second, though perhaps I should apply the limped tag only to myself, as Dr. Storbeck was more than happy with his tally of wins, and more importantly, his goal tally for the evening!

Ryan was just dejected.

But seeing as we still had a little time to kill before the long trek back to GB for me, we decided to end the night off with some frantic NBA Jam action, and although this was the first time Karl had seen the game, he quickly caught on (after Ryan said he is also allowed to try and score and doesn’t just have to defend) and lots and lots of “Boom-shakka-lakka” fun was had by all!

So thanks boys for another memorable evening and we are sad to see the end of Mr. Brown’s involvements in these soirees – but never fear, I’m sure we can twist another of the boys’ arms into joining us for the next time…

I think.

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