Ryan treated me to some KFC for supper before our final FIFA Foursome with Mr. Brown the other night (much appreciated of course), and our fast food outlet of choice was the KFC in Durban Road because a) it is right around the corner from Ryan’s pad, and b) because I don’t think the one in Tygervalley exists at the moment what with all their construction alterations.

Now I have been to a fair number of KFC outlets in the past, so it was quite a surprise to me that on entering this particular branch, I came face to face with a wire barrier placed over the top of the order counter so as to prevent me from leaning over and grabbing the employee behind the till on the other side – just in case they annoyed me.

Though I suppose thanks to it being in the ever popular night reveler spot of Edward Street and of course in a main street full of passing taxi traffic, that it is for this very reason that the barrier is up in the first place!

Note, it is actually pretty effective, though it does make it quite difficult to pass drinks through to the customer, resulting in some pretty hilarious moments. Also, the person dealing with drive-through orders has been moved to the side, isolated in an enclosed, locked little safe room.

Obviously Bellville/Durbanville is not a safe place for KFC employees any more!

Anyway, this sight was so foreign to me that I had to immediately embarrass Ryan by whipping out my phone and take in a snapshot, before of course generating this blog post.

Seriously, what I don’t all do just for the sake of you guys…