Yes, my websites have advertising on them. Not because I like the way it makes them look, but rather because I came to realise that if it will bring in some extra money just to cover the monthly server cost, then hey, blogging doesn’t cost me anything apart from my time in the long run.

Way back in the beginning, I started off with Google’s AdSense advertising, but as you will quickly learn, keeping them from unexpectedly blacklisting and taking all your revenue is pretty difficult to do, and thanks to their non-existent customer service due to their sheer size, they are at the end of the day pretty crap to work with (unless of course you can avoid being blacklisted and make tons of money off them). After that I moved to AdBrite, which worked okay until it became apparent that the receiving of American cheques in US dollars and then converting them into Rands was more of a hassle than anything else, I switched to Project Wonderful, who pay out via PayPal and who serve mostly webcomic-related adverts, meaning I get to see adverts on my sites for something that interests me, even if they don’t exactly pay out the highest rates in term of advertising!

(And of course, now that FNB has that whole PayPal deal on the go, it is actually usable in South Africa).

But now I want something with more of a local flavour (in other words, easier to get payouts straight into your bank account)!, and after reading some good things regarding the Cape Town based Ad Dynamo team and giving them more than sufficient time to grow and attract more advertisers, I’m ready to give them a proper go.

And I must say that so far I’m impressed.

It is ridiculously simple and quick to sign up with them as a publisher and get an advert up and running on your site, and I must say that I am rather enjoying the simplicity of their publisher dashboard thus far. You earn money for both clicks and impressions, and there are a variety of payout methods available to you (once you hit the R100 payout minimum of course), including directly into your South African bank account or the standard via PayPal route.

So yes, my sites will now be featuring more adverts than before I guess, sorry about that, but I’ll try to keep them as much out of the way as possible. That said, by now I’m pretty sure that most of you guys browse the Internet with your ad-blocking plugins running at full, right!? ;)

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