21 Reaction of Fortune

As the luck intensified soldiers, Nariya and Eriya, capture Hitomi, Van jumps into action. But his movements trigger a strange malfunction in the luck intensifier, causing it to reverse its effect. Eriya escapes, but Naria comes crashing down to the ground.

Eluding the ground forces, Nariya is hurt and her body is betraying her. But she is still dangerous and her mission to capture Hitomi is far from over.

Meanwhile, Van comes to a startling conclusion. Because no one can come close to the luck intensified soldiers, the only solution lies in killing the man pulling their strings. The man who betrayed Fanelia. The man who serves Dornkirk. Zaibach’s Strategos. Folken Lacour de Fanel. His brother.

And no stealth manteaux can keep Van away.

22 The Black-Winged Angel

In Asturia, Allen, Dryden and the rest of Asturia’s advisors hold a meeting to determine how they should retaliate to Zaibach’s unprovoked attack. As things are going, a large majority feel that it would be best to simply hand over Hitomi to the empire and maintain the peace treaty.

In Zaibach, worry is still present over the continued interaction between Hitomi and Escaflowne. The sorcerors are worried, but Dornkirk still has his trust in Folken. But the four generals are getting edgy, wanting to know how Dornkirk is going to handle Asturia.

However, while all this is going on, Van is preoccupied by one thought only. The elimination of his brother, the one behind all the pain.

As a prince of Fanelia, Folken failed in his task of slaying the dragon to become the king, losing an arm in the process. He disappeared after that and the rumours began. He fights alongside Dornkirk to bring about a future free of fear and anger, in the hopes that it will be a world free of war. But he has now become disillusioned with Dornkirk’s methods.

But all this won’t quell the bloodlust within Van, as he and Hitomi head towards Fanelia to confront this black-winged angel.

23 Storm Premonition

Returning with Van and Hitomi, Folken seeks asylum in Asturia. Of course, the people can’t openly trust him, but with his knowledge as Zaibach’s Strategos he proves to be invaluable to their efforts in facing Zaibach. The countries of Gaea form alliances. And prepare to defend against the advancing Zaibach together. This may be the beginning of the first Great War in Gaea’s history.

Hitomi is left in a quandry when Allen tells her of how Prince Sid is his and Princess Marlene’s illegitimate child. And even more troubling. Allen has asked her to marry him.

But with Dornkirk watching everything, Zaibach is aware of the alliance and its plans. An preemptive strike is planned on their meeting place. Leading the attack forces is the newly awakened Diladau. With his forces now consisting of only one, the dog man Jajuka, Diladau prepares to feed his bloodlust.

As Van and Allen head into the harbour, a flying fortress decloaks its stealth manteaux – and launches the attack.

24 Fateful Decision

When the pillar of light disappeared, so did Hitomi. Her wish granted, she has been returned to Earth. But her point of return is a little backwards in time. Resulting in her knowing what is going to happen next. Could Van and all of Gaea just have been a dream?

Meanwhile, Allen gets a startling surprise. From nowhere his long lost sister, Celena appears. But she has lost her memory and can say nothing. But something is not right. They say Zaibach sorcerors experimented on live humans to achieve their ideals. And just what is Diladau’s past?

Van can’t stop thinking of Hitomi. Although he hasn’t sorted his feelings for her out yet, he knows he must see her again – even if he has to race Escaflowne right to the Phantom Moon.

What will Hitomi decide? Does she want to live out in reality, or does she want to go back to the blood-soaked Gaea – and to Van?

25 Zone of Absolute Fortune

Van and Hitomi have returned to a battlefield. The warriors of Cesario can’t stand against the soldiers of Zaibach. They need to hold their line until the Alliances main forces arrive to back them up. But with few forces left, they can’t hope to achieve much. However, Van agrees to lead them into battle – on the condition they escort Hitomi to the castle for her own safety.

Meanwhile, Dryden decides on a course that calls him away from Millerna. Now that Hitomi has cleared her feelings for Van, Allen must accept that she has spurned his advances. But so too may have Millerna.

Allen and Van are amongst the advancing Alliance forces, heading directly for Zaibach. The battles are intense and soaked with blood. A Basram general can’t take the losses they are suffering and decides to launch their ultimate weapon. It doesn’t matter who is on the battlefield below. All shall die in an explosion of light.

And then there is Folken. To end all this, he knows he must travel to Zaibach and defeat Dornkirk, even at the cost of his own life. Hitomi too knows that there lies the way to stop Van’s suffering. But all this is simply playing into Dornkirk’s Zone of Absolute Fortune.

26 Eternal Love

With Dornkirk’s fate alteration machine working at full capacity, his Zone of Absolute Fortune has become a reality. This is the power that Atlantis once controlled. The power to make man’s wishes a reality. Once started, it cannot be stopped.

But as Zaibach falls, the alliance start falling on each other. Former allies begin fighting. And the killing continues. Could it be that man wishes for a state of conflict? Does war rule the wishes of man?

But for some, the war never ends. Diladau/Celena continues fighting in the red guymelef. The time to end Van and his/her rivalry has arrived. But Allen is also on hand to try and save his sister. Will it be these two friends who kill each other?

Hitomi realises that it is her emotions that are binding Van. It is because she loves him. Across time, space and dimension.

But he loves her too.