Yay, so my “Extreme Cool Edition” copy of the original Ice Age DVD has finally arrived from loot.co.za, which I’m sure Jessie just can’t wait to see with her Daddy as soon as we get a chance (hint, Chantelle is CONVINCED that this is all a ploy simply so that I can watch this classic piece of animated goodness again and again).

Even more exciting though, bundled with my Ice Age DVD was Batman the Animated Series: Volume 2 (now how did that get in there?), packing in 4 DVDs containing 7 episodes per disc, meaning 28 episodes in total, which equals something crazy like 10 hours of viewing time of some of the best Western animated television ever produced! (Can you tell I’m more than a little excited about this?)

All I know that the conversion to iPod format has already begun… those lunch time gym sessions on the elliptical trainer are about to be a whole lot more entertaining! :)