My rating: 6 out of 10 stars.

Conan the Barbarian is your standard gory sword and sorcery epic which is actually VERY well executed and as a whole, a thoroughly polished production, featuring great visuals, great acting, great sound track, and loads of fantastic sword swinging action to enjoy. And make no mistake, Jason Momoa fits the character like a glove.

However, even with all that going for it, Conan the Barbarian feels tedious and drawn out, and it is almost like it saps the energy out of you by the time you are finished with it. The problem is that Conan is a very one-dimensional character in this movie, and as such one simply doesn’t manage to connect with him (or anyone else for that matter) and in the end simply couldn’t care less as to what happens, a death knell for any movie to be honest.

It shouldn’t be boring and yet it is, and I’m really not all that sure as to why. A pity really, considering the great choreography of the relentless fight scenes the movie keeps throwing at you.

Oh, and don’t bother watching it in 3D. Not worth the extra money, because seriously, nothing amazing is ever done with the technology.

Strictly for action fans then.

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