Because off-peak varies from provider to provider, I thought it a good idea to jot down just when exactly Vodacom’s off-peak minutes are in operation, seeing as my contract shows that I have somehow managed to rack up a fair bit of these over the last couple of months.

A quick shout out to Vodacom customer care netted me the following information regarding off-peak operation:

  • Weekdays, in other words Monday to Friday, off-peak applies from 20:00 in the evening until 07:00 in the morning.
  • Weekends are completely covered by off-peak, meaning that it starts at 20:00 on Friday evening and stretches until 07:00 on Monday morning.
  • Finally, public holidays are also covered completely by off-peak, meaning that the discounted rate kicks on at 20:00 of the day before the public holiday and ends at 07:00 on the day following the public holiday.

And now we all know, which of course is pretty nifty! :)