Thanks to some of the guys in the Gordon’s Bay karate family, I’ve been introduced to SuperBru, a brilliant little sports prediction game that instantly makes match results far more compelling than what they would otherwise normally be, even for games you have no usual vested interest in!

You basically sign up, select the league or tournament you are interested in, find some pools to join or create one for you and your mates, and then on a round by round basis, get given the opportunity to make your match predictions (or in their terminology ‘picks’). You get to select the winner and points margin, and after that, all that’s left is to sit back and wait for the real world match results to come flooding in.

A few scoring algorithms later and you are presented with your pool’s leaderboard, as you and everyone else battle for top spot and the ever elusive yellow cap for winning a round. The SuperBru portal is pretty popular in South Africa seeing as its completely homegrown, and there are even some corporates that have jumped on board, creating big pools and offering prizes to be one.

As for my own venture into the SuperBru predictions game, I’ve entered under my usual handle of craiglotter and at the moment am sitting pretty at a 100% win accuracy! (Of course, being the first round of the World cup featuring minnows versus powerhouses, I guess this isn’t all that surprising! :P)

Anyway, the site is really well done, makes slick use of AJAX and is well presented, with some good tongue in cheek humour to keep things light. Definitely well worth checking out with your mates if you are a bit of a sporting fan! :)