Yay, so I’m finally off the painfully slow 384 kbps ADSL line at home, having opted to at long last bump our home connection up to the next Telkom-offered level, now that I’m going to be working from there more often thanks to the newly implemented Tuesday and Thursday work from home agreement with Touchwork.

One of the nicer things to have happened in the interim since we first got our home ADSL connection is that Telkom went ahead and decided to up that next step from 512 kbps up to 1 mbps in terms of speed, and at the same time bring down the price for that jump, meaning that it now only costs about R130 more per month (so R289 in total per month) for a connection which is essentially three to four times faster than the one you were used to before.

Still bloody expensive of course when compared to the rest of the developed world, but at least better than what it was when you had to pay a couple of hundred Rand more per month for a jump of only 150 kbps to the 512 kbps mark! (Which was why I have never upgraded until now).

Anyway, the increase is speed in terms of the Internet at home is definitely better (Speedtest.net confirms this), but seeing as I’m spoiled with a 4 mbps line here at the Westlake office, it still seems pretty slow. Still, Facebook is smoother and Google Calendar and Gmail freezes less often, and uploading pictures to the blog is less frustrating than what it used to be, so I’m pretty happy with it I guess.

In any event, I’ll keep holding thumbs in the hope that Telkom might decide to be even nicer to us little people again sometime in the future! :)