So, the spoiling of little Miss Lotter continues unabated, as last weekend we picked up the newest baby accessory to make our lives just that little easier – a feeding chair.

Now that Jessica is comfortable with picking up objects in front of her and placing them in her mouth, it makes sense to get her into a good solid feeding chair which will a) allow her to eat solids unassisted and b) entertain her while mommy or daddy potters around in the kitchen.

The Bumbo seat which served this purpose up until now still works perfectly fine, but it has never really been a safe option, as you constantly have to stay on high alert lest she leans over too far and topples over – and besides, the little girl is all grown up now, so on to the next stage we go! :P

Despite a complete lack of knowledge when it comes to the matter of feeding chairs,Chantelle, Jessica, and myself found ourselves at Somerset Mall on Sunday during her split (in the rain), where we got to grips with checking out the various chairs available to us at both Baby Boom and Toys R Us (which are handily right across the parking lot from each other).

What we didn’t realise is that pretty much all feeding chairs nowadays feature the same set of features, namely reclining seat, height adjustable, sliding tray, removable auxillary tray, and of course wheels. So with the playing field pretty much now level, and a bit of back and forth between the two shops, we ended up picking the cutest one of the lot, a pleasing on the eye green chair from Chariot, for somewhere around R700 mark from Toys R Us, complete with the cutest bear face wheel covers imaginable!

Back home I immediately set about assembling our latest baby purchase, and I must complement Chariot on putting together an extremely well designed kit that is pretty simple to put together, without the need for a spanner or screwdriver for that matter! In no time at all, the chair was up, Jessica secured in it*, and daddy running around the house, pushing it about with baby still seated inside, you know, just to test its wheels out! :)

Oh, and Jessica promptly devoured some Flings and Boudoir biscuits placed before to complete my successful test.

So, one of the bar stools has been demoted down to the braai room, and we now have yet another baby friendly addition to our home d├ęcor!

And now for some pics, because I like my camera so:

* True, she is still a tad too small for the feeding chair system, but nothing that a couple of folded blankets and a cushion or two haven’t solved! :P