The problem with having a baby is that the baby invariably catches diseases from the daycare, which in turn get passed on to the mommy which then leads to the daddy becoming infected, in other words a proper disease vector.

Such was my miserable last week when I suddenly started to get a painful sensation in my left ear, followed by an almost complete loss of hearing thanks to the copious amounts of ear wax my ear suddenly seemed to start to produce. And seeing as Chantelle had just come off an ear infection herself (having caught it from Jess), she urged me to immediately go see a doctor, which I dutifully did – the end result being Dr. Smit putting me on a five day course of Augmentin antibiotics as well as some homeopathic ear drops to try and clear out the bad wax build up.

Needless to say, this made me pretty miserable and prevented my from driving into work on Wednesday, meaning that I only went into the office (which isn’t a great atmosphere at the moment I might add) on Monday and Friday last week! Anyway, the antibiotics seemed to do the trick and by Friday the infection seemed pretty much done for, leaving only the clean up work of trying to remove the wax, which is so far not going all that well, considering the amount of times I have to tug at my earlobe, and say “What?” with a questioning look on my face!


Being hard of hearing is certainly not fun, and last week was definitely a write off in terms of churning out happy blog posts, which means that this week you should be in for a slew of them – though perhaps not today seeing as I’m still feeling a little blocked up – which translates into grumpy in case you were wondering…