Thanks must go out to developer Nikolay Ananiev for his useful Android app, Tiny Flashlight + LED. This application essentially turns your phone into a torch, making use of the camera’s build in LED light that is normally only used by the camera as a flash. As you can well imagine, the LED is pretty bright, meaning that I can now safely navigate my way to the bedroom, avoiding dogs, cats and sleeping wife, with nothing more than my Samsung Galaxy Ace in hand!

Outside of the LED light functionality, it also makes use of the screen as a light source, and with this one gives you a variety of color and effect options, which could prove to be useful say in an emergency situation.

Finally, the last thing about this app which is particularly great is that it comes with the ability to create a widget, meaning that you can place a torch on and off button right there on your desktop! Very, very useful.

Certainly one of my favourite apps installed on my phone, and one well worth grabbing! Oh, and did I mention it is free? :)

Search for Tiny Flashlight in the market place to download and install!