Marvel’s She-Hulk has traditionally been a joke character for writers to run around with, but that doesn’t mean that every now and then someone can’t do something serious with her. That said, writer Peter David did come up with this one for issue 36 of the volume 2 run, revolving around:

“Jen talks with Darqon Par at his request, and is captured by him alongside Sue Storm. Jazinda rescues them, but Jen has to stop her from killing Par, then almost accidentally killing him herself while Sue saved him. The girls stage his death and drop him in the Australian outback.”

And thanks to artists Pasquala Qualano and Vincenzo Acunza for the interior work on that one.

Of course, the real reason for this feature is to highlight the gorgeous and emotive cover art that comes courtesy of the legendary Mike Deodato Jr. this time around, famed throughout the land for depicting very hard hitting ladies… even if it would seem they should all be laying back in bed tending to what must surely be excruciating back pain! ;)

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