Today marks Chantelle and my second wedding anniversary, certainly something that ought to be celebrated considering just how much we have achieved in our lives over these past two years of wedded bliss – the two biggest being of course the fact that we’ve made, and are in the process of raising, a beautiful, bouncy baby girl, and of course our purchase of a house here in Gordon’s Bay, followed by the subsequent sinking in of countless hours in our attempts of turning it into OUR home, good and proper!

I can’t believe that it has been two years already Love, and honestly, the time is flying by far to quickly and I really do lament the fact that I only get to to spend two full weekends with you in a month, because quite frankly, there is no one else I’d rather be spending each and every hour of my waking day!

So thank you Wifey for making me the happiest husband and father in the world, and I sincerely look forward to the next year when I get to make these same soppy comments all over again! :)

Lots of love, from me to you.