A couple of weekends ago I entertained myself (Chantelle was on duty) by taking Jessica out for the day to Bellville and Kuilsriver, with the express purpose of squeezing in visits with all the family that I could manage, making sure to grab a photo of each and every encounter.

My first stop was with Great Granny Bothma, who wasted no time in joining Jessica down on the floor, where the two of them spent some quality for the next while, during which I caught up on news, changed a nappy, showed off Jess to all the neighbours, and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee with snacks.

Next up was Great Granny Lotter, who immediately grabbed Jessie from me and proceeded to hold on to her for just about the entire duration of the visit, in which I caught up on news, prepared a bottle, and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee with snacks!

From there it was on to Granny and Grandpa Lotter, who weren’t at home when we arrived, meaning that I ended up feeding Jessica in the car. As per usual Grandpa quickly latched on to young Jess once they finally made it home, and outside of some great quality time spent with Granny and Grandpa, Jessie caught a nap, we had lunch, and of course, caught up on all the news!

With enough time left in the day for just one more visit, it was off to Granny and Grandpa Montgomery, who also instantly latched onto young Jess, pretty much taking over and affording my a moment to quickly pop out to the shops – after all the news was caught up on, coffee had, and the obligatory baby nap taken!

So really not bad for a full day’s worth of visiting with the family, wouldn’t you say? ;)