This is little Jessica lying on Oupa Monty’s back lawn last weekend. She’s not particularly fond of grass to be honest – she usually has either her hands or feet touching the grass, but never both at the same time.

In fact, sometimes she just lies on her tummy with all four hands and feet up in the air, making sure that none are in contact with that strange green stuff! :)

However, she’s getting better with the grass, as you can see for yourself in the photos. It’s mostly smiles, so it must be going okay, right? ;)

Oh, and you’ll notice Achilles slinking around in the background of one of the shots. He is still in the process of settling in with the Montgomery clan, and so far so good, but by the sound of it, it’s going to take a while to integrate him with the existing two cats!

Super cute, isn’t she? :)