Now that young Jessica has mastered “The Roll” as well as “The Worm Crawl”, she is seemingly pretty eager to kick it up a notch and aim for even greater things – like “The Pull-up and Stand” for example!

Without fail, each and every time you place her in the bath she makes a straight beeline for the taps, where she’ll try and grab hold of them and then hoist herself up into a standing position. Of course, the one and only time we decide to film it she has difficulty in getting herself up, but nothing that a helping Daddy hand couldn’t solve for the sake of our insatiable viewers.

Cute doesn’t even begin to describe our little dribble monster who now sports four teeth, two at the bottom and two at the top!

The best toothy grins ever I tell you!! :)

Anyway, here is the footage Chantelle managed to snag last night of this particular Jessie feat: