I know, I know, I’ve been really slack over the last month or two with regards to reporting on our weekend happenings and all the goings on with our friends and family. So to make up for my unforgivable lapse in reporting, here is a fairly comprehensive list of all the big family and friends stuff that I’ve failed to mention on my blog.

Will that be sufficient?

So let’s start with the family then shall we. Not much exciting happening in terms of Ryan as far as I know, apart from his purchase of a cool splash pool for his house, which I can assure you Jessie and I will be paying multiple visits to during my Single Parent weekend stints over this summer. Claire and Riley are currently enjoying another overseas holiday trip, with Riley first practising Kung Fu in Hong Kong, before they moved off to Singapore and then Thailand. Not much exciting in terms of Dad, but a big one for Mom, as she underwent a successful knee replacement operation, meaning she is currently in the lengthy process rehabilitating her knee.

As for the other side, still big drama for Chantelle’s grandparents who are caught in the unfortunate Radisson Blu Blouberg debacle, but we did get to enjoy a fantastic 60th spit braai celebration for Monty, who celebrated in style with family and friends over at Gordon’s Beach Lodge a little while ago. Same old, same old for Robert (outside of his shiny car of course), and can’t think of any big news revolving mom-in-law though, other than she’s been a real star when it comes to playing babysitter for us! ;)

As for the friends, a fair bit of big happenings, most of which revolves around babies (boy, we really are all at that stage of our lives now!).

Terrance is still very much missing in action, enjoying his big adventure in Japan as far as what we can tell, Karl is still tinkering around at varsity and Trish is enjoying playing Bass for their band. No idea what Wayne and Candice are up to come and think of it. Damen and Michelle welcomed their little bundle of joy into the world a couple of weeks early, giving him the claw-tipped name of Logan. Similarly, Evan and Natasha welcomed into the world little Evalynne, the tallest little baby girl I have ever seen! Zania and little Zandea (who turns two pretty soon) have been pretty quiet, but maybe that’s just because Dean has been so hard at work on his braai room that he and his father-in-law or in the process of building!

Retha and Miguel are still teaching in South Korea (and organising charity work here in South Africa on the side!). Albert landed a sweet gig of producing a television series for KykNet, while Andy continues raising little Annebella who also turns 1 pretty shortly, while Michelle and Gary also welcomed their second little one into the world, named Hannah. Oh, and in case you thought I was done with all the babies, Malcolm and Andri brought little Annabelle into this world (their first daughter) and Chantelle’s cousin Chané with husband Jasper also welcomed their little bundle of joy recently.

Seriously, it’s just babies everywhere one looks! :)

And that is that as far as what everyone in our lives are or have been getting up to, so now you know. Happy?