So today our little snuggle puff, dribble monster, and bundle of joy turns 1.

One whole year of having our treasure in this world with us, and one whole year of parenting experience behind us. It doesn’t feel like a year has passed in all honesty, those first months in the NICU, to the stressful first couple of weeks of having her home without the support of the hospital, and then straight into parenting mode proper, which I must admit, surprised me at just how easily and naturally it came to both Chantelle and myself!

We’ve been lucky with our little one, outside of her early waking up routine and occasional inability to sleep through the nights, she hasn’t been difficult at all, being one of the easiest babies you’ll come across. She’s happy and only cries when either hungry or tired, making her an absolute breeze to work with and a joy to be around.

Oh and the smiles and laughs, now there is something I absolutely live for at the moment! :)

So happy birthday my beautiful and most precious daughter.

P.S. And this weekend’s party in celebration is going to be awesome I tell you! Kitties for the win!!