It would seem that my “at last” purchase of the television for the previously unused entertainment/dining/braai room and Jessica’s FAST approaching big birthday bash has sparked off a fierce new round of home improvement, resulting in Chantelle spending far too much time in Mr Price Home than what I, or our bank accounts, are comfortable with.

That said, the place is starting to look good – real good! :)

So far, we’ve purchased two brown suede and one black leather Ottomans for the main lounge, to act as additional seating/movable coffee tables/eye candy in place of the old central coffee table (which now sits in the entertainment room as our improvised television stand). Chantelle picked out a nice large print for the back wall above the main couch, and we’re pretty certain we going to be putting up some photo frames on the opposite television wall.

Oh, and Chantelle brought some nice fashionable cushions to bring some more colour into the room.

The major purchases have however been for the new entertainment section, with the main addition being three full length brown tabbed curtains for the previously unadorned, frosted sliding doors. In the corner next to the new television, we’ve bought a small fold-out table to act as a decorative stand for an old lamp we saved, with a brand new lampshade thrown on to make it look a little more modern. Above this will be our old black and yellow African woman print hailing from Nagua Bay, which we’ve pulled out of storage and dusted off for its new role.

On the opposite wall above the couch will go up some floating shelves, though we haven’t gotten around to purchasing these just yet, and next to that a long horizontal mirror (which we have actually bought). Finally, Chantelle bought another, smaller print to act as a cover for the exposed circuit board that exists in the room, which actually turns out to be a pretty neat solution to what was an unsightly problem!

So now just a matter of installing some of the pieces (i.e. the prints and mirror) and doing a little reorganization of the room, and the house will AT LAST be in a fully completed state. Only took us a year or so to get around to it all!

P.S. Forgot to mention that somehow she managed to slip a new quilt for the bedroom in as well. I really, really don’t like Mr. Price Home right now! :P