Expanding on their popular twisted Wonderland series, Zenescope Entertainment pumped out a number of one-shot stories based in their original dark Alice in Wonderland re-imagined universe, packaged as Tales from Wonderland. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum is written by Joe Brusha and Raven Gregory with interior artwork from Axel Medellin, Salvador Navarro and Daniel Leister.

From their release note: A young teen is constantly pushed by his demanding and overbearing father, but what happens when the father and son find themselves transported to a world that can easily turn everything you know into a nightmare of epic proportions? The tables are turned as two men become three and one of them seeks a new kind of revenge. Enter a world where madness reigns supreme, enter the world of Wonderland!

Anyway, artists Talent Caldwell and Emily Warren whipped up this fantastic piece of pin-up cover art, in the tried and tested sexy Zenescope way: