For Jessica’s 1st birthday party Chantelle came up with the idea of incorporating Jessica’s little footprints the hospital did for us at a month old as part of the thank you card. And seeing as she is now a year old, it made perfect sense to take a new set of footprints and then contrast the two next to one another!

After the first failed attempt at using a commercial baby footprint kit from Mr Price Home, Chantelle did what any other conscientious mommy would do, grabbing Jessica and dumping her feet straight into some (baby-safe) yellow paint.

The new, yellow prints where then handed over to me on my arrival home from work one evening, where I was tasked in digitizing and converting them such as to get the appearance similar to our original black ink on white paper prints.

A couple of minutes with my trusty scanner and some old fashioned Photoshop manipulation, I produced the goods, and then it was back to the cutting board as Chantelle fashioned the front of the oversized thank you card.

Back to me came the cut and paste job, where again I got to sit down with the scanner and Photoshop, ending up with this (which Chantelle then went and pasted on colorful cardboard backing, to be handed out at the big birthday bash):

And that my friends, is just how much our little Jessica grew in one year.

Impressive, no? :)