It wasn’t a particularly exhausting weekend we enjoyed last weekend to be honest. Chantelle was on duty meaning that Friday evening wasn’t anything big other than a whole lot of Red Dead Redemption for me, Saturday was a Mall expedition with Jess, extra training for the grading at the dojo, Pick ‘n Pay shopping with Mom and Jess, home-made pizzas for supper accompanied by the cute Despicable Me, capped off with even more Red Dead Redemption. Sunday for Jessie and I was a drop-off mission in Stikland, lunch with the folks in Bellville, and then cake and tea in celebration of Michelle’s birthday at their place in Kraaifontein.

So nothing that should have been too exhausting for our little Jessie, apart from all the Daddy playtime I keep subjecting her too – like playing Pokemon by capturing her in the wash basket or watching the sticky light up monster come unstuck from the ceiling every minute or so!

Anyway, the point of all of this is that at some point in Saturday afternoon, while I was hard at work on the usual set of household chores and Jessie was lying in the lounge having her afternoon bottle, things all of a sudden became quiet. Too quiet.

And on closer inspection, I found this:

Fast asleep on the floor, bottle in mouth. So, does this mean I can get away without buying her a bed when she eventually outgrows the cot? ;)

Oh, and we’ll need something to clean the bath with ASAP. Looks like some alphabet mold has taken hold! o.O