One way in which this awesome allowance to work two days a week from home has changed my life in a positive way is the fact that I now get to spend a little bit more time with my daughter in the evenings, seeing as there isn’t an hour and a bit long commute between work and home!

Of course, this means all kinds of outings, like treating Mommy to the Spur (infrequently)…

…or going out to the beach (frequently, but wind dependent!).

Quite a while ago now, we took Jessica down for some ice-cream on the beach, and more importantly, her first official introduction to beach sand and the sea. Dressed up as cute as a button in her bright red sun hat, it took a while for our little one to get interested in the sand invading her space – as for the ice-cream softserve from Uncle Barry’s?

That she took to straight away! :)

And of course, as any could Daddy knows, one must have the video camera on hand to capture all of these moments:

And playing in the sand for the first time:

And just in case you thought I was done, here are a couple more photos of the day:

And that, was Jessica’s first introduction to the beach! :)