Sitting at the piano in a concert hall, keen to please his new audience, Stevie Wonder shouts “Before I start, does anyone have any requests?”

Some little old Japanese man at the very back of the hall stands up and shouts back “Do a jazz chord!”

So Stevie obliges, playing an Eb Minor diminished seventh, with some arpeggios up and down the keyboard.

The crowd starts applauding and cheering Stevie.

He shouts “Does anyone else have a request they’d like to hear?”

The same Japanese man stands up and shouts insistently “No, do a Jazz chord, a Jazz chord!”

So Stevie tries a bit harder, improvising a jazz solo based around a few key chords, and breaks away into a full 3 minute jam with the backing band. The crowd goes absolutely wild at this incredible display of showmanship, giving him a standing ovation.

Once again though, the Japanese man jumps and and screams “NO, NO, A JAZZ CHORD!”

Frustrated at this man’s apparent lack of appreciation for his talents, Stevie shouts back “Alright mister, you come up here, and you do a bloody jazz chord!”

So the Japanese man unblinkingly gets up out of his seat, hobbles towards the stage, gets hold of the microphone and starts singing… “A jazz chord, to say, I ruv you…”