2008 saw Zenescope revisit their twisted Alice in Wonderland scenario as part of their Grimm Fairy Tales line, with the aptly titled Return to Wonderland, scripted by Raven Gregory.

From their release note: Welcome to the other side of the rabbit hole. Calie has entered Wonderland and much has changed since her mother last visited this strange and terrifying world. It’s a Wonderland unlike any has seen before and the journey into this twisted realm begins here. Follow Calie’s frightening adventure through a land where nothing makes sense and madness reigns free.

The interior artwork assignment fell to Rich Bonk and Daniel Leister, with the original run of covers churned out by Al Rio and Tyler Kirkham. However, issue 2 proved so popular Zenescope needed a reprint, and to that end they turned to David Nakayama to produce this humorous and sizzling piece of cover art!