In case you’ve been wondering how little Jessie has been doing as of late, rest assured that the little teeth gnasher is doing just fine and dandy, happily upgrading her skill sets with each and every passing day.

I’m still playing fairly roughly with her, the result of which is a baby who seems to like throwing herself around the place, chasing down whatever moving thing (poor Olympus) enters her field of vision. She’s also starting to experience that stage of not wanting to be left alone by herself in a room, which in turn has led to her new found ability of actively crawling around the house to find you – before this she wasn’t really one for exploring, and had in fact never crawled outside of the lounge area!

She has also found her feet, meaning that she now likes nothing more than attempting to pull herself up at whatever low hanging edge is available (like our television stands for example), and when she is up (with a little help from mommy or daddy’s hands), she just happily stands there on her two feet, gazing around and trying to grab things from this newly discovered vantage point.

Of course, this also meant that I’ve now had to lower her cot down to the next level!

In terms of crawling, she still very much does the worm to get around, but she has started kicking more with her legs, indicating that her crawling style should eventually evolve into something perhaps a little less tiresome for her! Nothing on the speaking front yet, but plenty of teeth on their way out, making it quite a dangerous prank to put your fingers anywhere close to her lips! (Though in reverse, she likes nothing better than scratching with her fingers in my mouth and playing dentist dentist!)

We’re buying a lot of baby books for her, and she enjoys it tremendously when we read to her, though this may just be a fake in order to get us to drop our guard and let the book dangle close enough to her for grabbing.

And because our little girl is as cute as a button and deserves it, we finally caved in and bought her a colourful blue Chariot walking ring from Toys R Us, which she appears to absolutely adore! (And if that wasn’t enough, Oupa and Ouma surprised her with an early Christmas present of a ball pit tent to play in!)

So yup, little Jess is doing pretty well for herself at the moment! :)