Bill takes a young lady, Kelly, on a date. It is their first date, and so in order to do something a little different from the usual fancy restaurant gig, he decides to take her to the carnival which happens to be in town for the night.

After having arrived and strolled around for a bit, Bill asks Kelly what she would like to do, upon which she replies, “I want to get weighed.”

A bit confused, but in a “oh what the heck” mood, Bill takes her to the weighing station, where the guesser manages to correctly guess her weight third time around.

Having lost his money to the correct guess, Bill then asks Kelly, “What would you like todo next?”, to which Kelly replies, “I want to get weighed.”

Now mightily confused (and a little bit annoyed), Bill fakes a headache/stomach cramp/whatever will get him out of this date, cuts his losses and takes Kelly home, before heading back out into the night.

As Kelly walks in through the front door, her roommate Laura, who is sitting in the living room, calls out, “Hey you, so how was your date?”

On the point of tears, Kelly bursts out, “Oh Wauwa, it was wousy!”