For the last two or so years I have been the lead architect and developer on one of Touchwork’s flagship products, SurveyThumb, an extremely flexible, fully customizable online survey management system which is geared in particular to mobile phone data capture, the goal of which is to replace any paper based capture systems currently in use in the workplace – no matter what that workplace might be!

I’m extremely proud of the monumental amount of work that has gone into SurveyThumb and I’m pleased to see that Touchwork has now officially launched the latest usage of the Utiviti (a different name for SurveyThumb) platform in the form of Utiviti Alert Manager.

From the official press release:

Touchwork has launched a new and unique product that allows you to receive, track and manage alerts from the field in real-time. Utiviti Alert Manager is part of the Utiviti suite of smart, multi-platform solutions to make your workforce more productive, and your utility processes more efficient.

Imagine if (without additional hardware) you could…

  • Immediately know about field problems in real-time
  • Make it easy for field teams to report problems
  • Easily monitor progress to resolve the problem
  • Empower all your staff to make meaningful suggestions
  • Save money and improve service delivery/quality

This breakthrough mobile service can immediately improve operational effectiveness in your municipality or company. It can also act as an electronic “suggestion box” – allowing staff to report a problem or issue when they see it, or make a suggestion they think could add value to the organisation. Furthermore, it could be used as a channel to commend a colleague for work done that deserved special mention.

Whether it’s on a mobile phone or the office PC, the Utiviti Alert Manager opens new channels of communication to manage the valuable flow of information.

To find out more about this great product, contact either Brian Mawdsley or John Kabalin at or on +27 21 702 4135. Brian is also available on Twitter as @brianmawdsley.


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