Before we start, a disclaimer. We are all human beings, meaning that we are entitled to have our own opinions. And just because I have an opinion about something, doesn’t mean that you have to agree with it. Nor do I have to agree with your opinion. However, the most important thing here is that I have to accept that you are entitled to your opinion, as you have to accept that I’m entitled to my opinion. That just how things should work. That said, sadly, this is often not the case…

Anyway, tattoos.

Not a big fan, definitely not a big fan. Blurry, smudgy ink on skin, complete waste of time as far as I’m concerned.

On the topic of men with tattoos, I’ve never seen a tattoo that doesn’t look silly/stupid on a man before. And if you try too hard with your tattoos, then you simply end up looking like a doofus.

Yes, yes, even if you are all hardcore with your martial arts symbol tattooed on your chest, or your Nazi allegiances tattooed across your collar bone, you look like a doofus to me. Such is life. (And don’t start me on how ridiculous tribal designs look tattooed on a man…)

And then there are tattoos on women.

Women are by design meant to be beautiful, and for the most part, they usually are. But tattoos? Tattoos are like smudgy blemishes on your body, definitely not pretty and definitely not desirable. And it doesn’t matter where it is placed, it really is just unattractive to me because it diminishes the natural beauty of the spot it now inhabits.

Oh, but they have meaning attached to them, all spiritual or remembrance like, you shout to me. Really? Nothing you can’t remember yourself? Nothing an annually repeated date in your calendar can’t help you remember? And if it is placed on a spot you can’t see, like your neck or your back or you bum, then what’s the point?

I don’t get it. It’s unattractive, especially as you get older and it gets… less defined.

So yeah, tattoos. I seriously hope that the fad is over by the time Jessica is old enough to maker her own decisions…