Donna Troy has been known to go under the names of Wonder Girl, Darkstar, Troia and just plain Donna Troy, which gives you a good indication that she’s had quite the convoluted comic book history over the years. Regardless of all that, she is probably easiest to remember as being quite similar to Wonder Woman in terms of abilities, i.e. enhanced strength, durability and flight, being an officially recognised Amazonian and all that, just with a whole lot of added cosmic knowledge, or rather, a knowledge of the entire DC multiverse!

This particular Amazon has of course been affliated with a number of groups over the years, including the Teen Titans, Darkstars, Titans of Myth, Challengers from Beyound and the Justice League.

And just in case you were wondering, this engaging, moody and beautiful rendition of Donna courtesy of artist Nemesi-Har-Aralis.