So, we are now into our second week of Jessica back at Baby Steps day care, after having enjoyed a straight two week stay with Oupa and Ouma back in Bellville while Chantelle and I returned to work. Pleasingly enough, Jessica gave us no problems with going back to the creche and settling back into her routine, and outside of some niggles and half slept nights thanks to all the teeth that came through in the early stages of this month, our little girl is proving to be quite the darling.

Seriously, Chantelle and I are lucky to have it so, so easy with her, especially when we hear all the horror stories from the other mommies around us!

Anyway, I realise I have been a bit slack on keeping you updated on the progress of Jessica, both in terms of news as well as multimedia footage, and whilst I have no new photos or videos to show you at all, I guess you’ll have to just be happy with my written report then.

So let’s get to it then, shall we?

Jessie continues to grow with each and every passing day, both in terms of physical and mental development. Her hair is getting nice and long now, and she still has the biggest eyes, cutest button nose, and toothy smile in the whole wide world. She loves for some reason to cross her fingers at the moment, never mind the fact that she is now pulling herself up into standing position whenever she can, using whatever bit of leverage she can find at the time, be it the bath taps, a television cabinet or even the side of the couch! (Not that the last one always works out so well, mind you.)

She can clap hands, pull funny faces, give a high-5 (well I’m counting it anyway), and is able to pick up quite a turn of speed with her modified worm method of crawling, nevermind the fact that she’s now quite the dab hand at dashing from spot to spot in her walking ring, much to the horror of our poor shins and toes! Oh, and she has a habit of shooting straight towards the edge of any raised object she finds herself placed down on, determined to mission down to the ground even if it is head first! (Even a fall of the bed hasn’t been enough to deter her.)

And she loves cats. Seriously, seriously loves cats. We know because she tells us so with the variety of cute noises she now makes when “talking” to us.

She is happily munching on Weet-Bix in the morning for cereal, yoghurt for lunch, mommy’s home made food for supper, as well as a combination of Purity Stage 3 and Hipp bottled foods for a bit of variety. So far no allergic reactions to anything, and so far nothing she doesn’t really like.

Again, lucky us! :)

She’s also started feeding herself things like vienna sausages, Flings chips, and Tuk biscuits, though that said, usually it is a case of more of the snack ends up on the ground around her, than in her actual mouth! Oh, and she can drink juice out of this awesome plastic cup with a straw thingie that Chantelle got for her!

But with all the good stuff laid out above, it must also be noted that this little madam of ours is definitely a tantrum thrower, and I can see now already that we are going to be in for a rough terrible twos and threes stage, unless we somehow cure her of it now at this early stage! However, that seems very much easier said than done!

Nevertheless, our little girl is properly in the process of forming her own little personality now, making it even more fun to have her around! So now you know, and I promise to break out the video recorder some time soon… :)