Wow, what an impressive animated show, through and through. Fantastic story, fantastic characters and fantastic animation. Seriously, there is no way that any boy or comic book fan can not love Young Justice!

Taking place in the Earth-16 timeline of the DC multiverse, Young Justice tells the story of a group of young sidekicks who decide to go off on their own, after failing to get the necessary respect from their older peers in the Justice League. The group includes Robin (Dick Grayson), Superboy, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Artemis and Aqualad.

Under the direction of Batman, the inexperienced team is sent out on a number of covert missions, at the same time strengthening the bonds between them in order to grow both personally and as a team.

Because of the different timeline, the characters are all slightly different from what you are used to from mainstream continuity. Powers and attitudes are slightly different, but in the end there is enough familiarity to keep fanboys happy. The episodes are all linked to one another by means of an overarching storyline, and the continuity of the episodes helps to cement the tone of Young Justice, which is very much serious super hero fare. The writing is fast paced, the characters are getting loads of development time, and there is plenty of action, intrigue, and even a little romance to take in!

(And let’s not forget the loads of cameo appearances which will delight almost every comic book fan under the sun!)

In terms of animation quality, Young Justice is probably the best looking animated television show to hit the screen in quite some time. Gorgeous character designs and details, beautiful backgrounds and fluid, well choreographed animation is what this show simply oozes.

And then there are the voice actors, all fantastic choices and a good fit for their respective characters, with the entire package finally wrapped up by a great music score, completing what is a well and truly polished package.

Highly, highly recommended, especially if you are already a comic book fan, both young and old!

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