It’s not often that I sing the praises of creams, mainly because I never use them (I’m not metrosexual like that), but this isn’t your normal skin cream I’m going to be talking about now, oh no, I’m talking about medicinal creams (which coincidentally I also almost never use).

Anyway, thanks to a nasty infection (looks like Athlete’s Foot to me) that I most likely caught from the gym’s shower area, the last three toes on my left foot have been looking (and smelling if truth be told) fairly “mingy” for quite a while now, with the skin being dry, flaky and blistered in places, making it prone to crack open at the joints of my toes, which as you can imagine, is not particularly pleasant when you, like me, tend to walk barefoot on grass quite a lot.

Normally I treat this sort of thing with Bactroban, though that is out of sheer ignorance and only because Chantelle once passed me a tube for a similar problem on the other foot. Unfortunately for me though, my (probably expired) little tube was pretty empty be the time I started treating my toes, and anyway, after the first application it didn’t really seem to be achieving much at all. So off I went to our local Gordon’s Bay pharmacist where I was informed that they didn’t have Bactroban currently in stock, but instead had a little tube of something called Supiroban, which they assured me would work just as well.

Which of course, if you picked up on my earlier observation regarding Bactroban, would be nothing.

I applied the Supiroban for about two weeks and apart from masking the damaged skin right after application, but only for a short period of time until it was fully absorbed, it didn’t seem to be actually working, leaving a slightly frustrated Craig with mingy toes in its wake.

Enter Chantelle, who suggested I give her little tube of Medaspor a shot, something she is currently using to control the rash that her wedding ring gives her after wearing it for lengthy periods of time.

Because wives are usually NOT to be argued with, I accepted the little tube of Medaspor, noted the description on the side of the tube reading “Topical Cream. Broad spectrum Antimycotic with Fungicidal Properties”, and applied it to my wriggling toes.

And then went to bed.

Waking up the next morning, I was amazed by the difference the cream has made after just a handful of hours of being on my toes – and the remarkable and noticed improvement continued over the next couple of days, meaning that I’m quite happy to stick with this one and am looking forward to the outcome after the recommended course length.


Heh, nice.