16 The Guided Ones

Dryden continues his reading of Allen’s father’s diary. It speaks of how he gave up his home, his family, his possessions, all to try and find the legendary Mystic Valley in order to solve the riddle of the power of Atlantis and see a certain girl once more.

That girl was Hitomi’s grandmother. While searching for the valley, Allen’s father met another man searching for it. His name was Isaac. He too was from the phantom moon, just as was the girl that had appeared before Allen’s father so long ago. Could it be that Dornkirk is that same man?

On Dryden’s directions, the Crusade is headed towards the Asguld continent, where the legendary home of the Dragon clan, the Atlanteans, is rumoured to be. But Dornkirk is aware of this and orders Folken to intercept them. Although Diladau has been taken from his command, Folken still has his trusty feline guymelef warrior sisters, Naria and Eriya.

The gate to Atlantis will be opened.

17 The Edge of the World

As the light from the gate of Atlantis engulfs the Crusade, Van, Allen and Hitomi vanish into nowhere. The Crusade struggles on, in the hopes of locating Hitomi and the others amongst the ruins of Atlantis – The Mystic Valley.

As Hitomi traces the ancient Atlantean script, the history of Gaea and the secret of Atlantis is revealed. The people who dwelled in Atlantis were from the phantom moon, Earth. Their power became so great that they were able to fashion a machine to surpass God. This machine is able to convert wishes into reality. The people of Atlantis changed their appearance and even took on wings. But their arrogance brought their downfall.

In an attempt to prevent future generations from repeating their mistakes, they created Gaea, a beautiful and serene world. But with these revelations comes another. Is it because of the anxiety within Hitomi’s heart that this sad chain of events have come to pass?

Meanwhile, Allen has to battle the demons of his father Leon and his mother Encia. He has to learn what drove his father to do what he did.

And Van? Van has to battle the demons of the Dragon clan’s bloody past. To claim a bright future he must accept the sadness of war.

18 The Gravity of Destiny

The Escaflowne’s energist starts glowing, as a beam of brilliant light engulfs the Escaflowne, Van and Hitomi. As they begin to disappear, Allen too charges into the beams of light.

They find themselves standing in a strange and foreboding room, filled with the grinding and churning of machinery. They have arrived in the heart of Zaibach, lair or Lord Dornkirk.

On Earth, Isaac was obsessed with gravity. Yet is such an unseen force exists, what is the source of it? What is the thing that draws people together? The answer: Destiny. Isaac devoted his life to try and understand this. However, the answers just didn’t come.

One day he awoke to find himself in a strange place overlooking a barren land. He had been called to Gaea and the land was Zaibach. Seeing himself as the people’s saviour, he rebuilt the land into the mighty nation of Zaibach through his incredible knowledge of science.

But then the legend of Atlantis became known to him. A machine that could turn wishes into reality. A machine that could alter destiny. And he has finally completed it.

All that now stands in his way is the dragon known as Escaflowne and the mysterious girl from Earth, Hitomi.

19 Operation Golden Rule of Love

Allen, Van and Hitomi successfully escaped Zaibach aboard Escaflowne and are now safely back at Asturia. Dryden and the rest of the Crusade’s crew has also made their way back to Asturia. Surprise comes when Millerna reveals her wedding plans to Dryden.

Meanwhile, Dornkirk is still unable to see the bright future he so desparately seeks. The answer lies in splitting the dragon and Hitomi from one another. Whilst the armies want to do it by force, Folken has an other idea. He wants to achieve this aim through the use of the gravity of love.

Using the fate alteration machine, Folken hopes to break apart Hitomi and Van and instead bring her together with the Knight of Heaven, Allen Schezar. And with the fate alteration machine, this wish is more than possible to grant.

20 False Vows

Plans are underway for Princess Millerna’s wedding to Dryden. The day has arrived and Millerna is prepared to look her finest. But she still harbours doubt over this marriage and asks Hitomi to do a fortune reading for her.

Reluctantly, Hitomi does just this. But as the reading progresses, she realises that it is not looking good at all. Millerna and Allen are even destined to become lovers. After just sharing her first kiss with Allen, Hitomi tries to see if she can change destiny. If she can impose good fortune on Dryden and Millerna. But one shouldn’t play with fate.

Meanwhile, Folken completes a dangerous step in the game of catching Escaflowne and Hitomi. By infusing Naria and Eriya with luck enhanced blood fused by the destiny altering maching, Naria and Eriya now quite literally have all the luck in the world. They are literally untouchable.

And their first target is Asturia, the girl from the phantom moon, Hitomi Kanzaki.