Shame, I felt so sorry for poor Chantelle on Monday morning, after we woke up only to discover that overnight, a hungry horde of ants had descended upon the giant, moist, chocolate box cake that she had baked the previous evening for an order due to be delivered on Monday evening.

We are experiencing such a mission in terms of ant infestations this summer, and to be honest, it is so bad that you can’t leave anything remotely resembling food anywhere without a pack of ants starting their tell-tale supply line in the time it takes you to look away and then look back again! Of course with Jessica, full out insect poisoning won’t work, so for now it is defending the best we can, even if that means creating baby powder rings around all food items left outside of the fridge overnight, including the cat’s pellets (which of course results in quite cute and funny little white footprints appearing all over the house the next morning!).

Anyway, with the cake completely covered in ants and obviously a write-off (I cried a little as that big, delicious cake slid off into the black refuse bin), a new one had to be both baked and then iced and decorated – all before Monday evening’s delivery due date!

Impossible you might think, but not so. The cake was completed and delivered on time, much to the amazement (and ravenous joy) of the birthday recipient! (And as it stands, this marks Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes first order to be generated thanks to the laminated A4 notice placed on our home’s outside wall!)

And of course, where would we be without some photographic evidence of the completed rescue cake? ;)