I stumbled across this set of awesome, forgotten photographs while handling a drive I received from Ryan a while ago. Although I can’t remember the exact date, I’m pretty confident that these were taken back in 2002, back when I was still happily chugging along in varsity, enjoying tie hou quan monkey kung fu under sifu Anton Fourie (who happened to be dating Claire at that stage), and as these pictures prove – capable of cultivating VERY bad hair days!

Anyway, the location for this Lotter family minus Mom but plus Anton hike was the Boland Hiking Trail, starting off at Nuweberg (near Grabouw) and overnighting at Landdroskop Hut, before making the return leg the next day.

(Well, truth be told, I think it was just one night on the trail. It’s a bit fuzzy being all that long ago you know!)

Anyway, I remember thoroughly enjoying the hike, as did pretty much everyone else – except for Ryan who completely broke down under the strain (and it didn’t help that we lost track of the trail a couple of times thanks to overflowing rivers) and eventually started dubbing this the Hike from Hell.

That said, nowadays he’d probably laugh at this piffling challenge now that he is all trim, fit and in proper walking shape!

So good memories, though I could perhaps have done without seeing all that hair sitting on my head. Sigh, such a fashion disaster I tell you! (No wonder that I was single at the time!)