Action Comics #851 brought us part four of Geoff Johns and Richard Donner’s Last Son story arc, with interior art courtesy of the legendary Adam Kubert. Thanks to the wonder of people who love to document for the reason of documenting, provides this great little synopsis as to what you can find inside:

Still trapped in the Phantom Zone, Superman receives aid from an unexpected quarter in the form of Mon-El, whom Superman had exiled to the zone many years earlier in an attempt to save his life. Using a stolen craft from the displaced Fort Rozz, Superman makes his way back to Metropolis, in time to witness the enslavement of the city by the Kryptonians who have already defeated the other super heroes attempting to save the city which they are attempting to transform into a Sunstone structure. Seeking assistance from Lex Luthor in order to defeat the Kryptonians, Superman discovers that Lex has already put together a new team of villains – namely the Superman Revenge Squad!

Always a firm favourite of mine when it comes to comic book art, Adam Kubert also managed to whip up this fantastic and suitable creepy view between the two dimensions, showing us a Superman in all of his trapped rage!