“CAT FIGHT! – It’s the battle you never expected! All bets are off when Bomb Queen meets Blacklight in battle in Las Vegas! Scott (Blacklight) Wherle and Jimmie (Bomb Queen) Robinson join forces in the sexiest, funniest and wildest one-shot special of the year!”

Well, at least that’s what Image comics wanted you to believe in order to pick up this frankly waste-of-time little side adventure. Lina Juarez (Blacklight) heads off to Las Vegas to attend a comic book convention. Bomb Queen sneaks off to Las Vegas to attend a gun convention. Both conventions happen to be in the same venue, the two cross paths, Blacklight recognises Bomb Queen and then proceeds to try and prevent her from sneaking in and stealing a devastating prototype weapon display from the gun convention.

As to be expected from any Bomb Queen adventure, there are plenty of sexual innuendos and sex related quips and humor, as well as the scantily clad female characters to go with it. Blacklight doesn’t bring much more to the game other than her moral, goody-two-shoes demeanor (plus the fact that she’s basically a blue green lantern). The setup takes up most of the story, before a brief encounter and then the, “well this doesn’t really have any lasting impact whatsoever”, conclusion.

The art is alright, simple clean lines and a good eye for both female and male character forms, but it is also inconsistent in a couple of places. However, it does convey the lighthearted silliness that something like the over-the-top Bomb Queen character needs. The fight scene could have done with some more work, but overall it isn’t a bad looking issue at all.

Of course, this is a one shot, so only a handful of pages to cram a whole story into, making it come across somewhat rushed, meaning that as a summary, this really is only worth picking up if you’ve got a couple of minutes spare and don’t feel like getting into anything heavy.

So not particularly funny or sexy, but entertaining enough I guess, though do go into it understanding that this is somewhat a waste of your time.